Los Angeles Superior Court – Judicial Bench View

accusoft-prizm, angular, microsoft-sql-server, restful-web-services
The Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) hired The Web Scientists to create Judicial Bench View, an application that enables the judges to go paperless in the courtroom. With the rising costs associated with allowing online court document filings, the LASC needed to allow their judges to work with documents and their case files paperless. Using a combination of Angular 1.6 and RESTFul Web Services, The Web Scientists created an application that allows the judges to view documents within their browser and annotate them, add notes to them and even display a threaded conversation thread about each document.
Technologies Utilized: Angular 1.6, Accusoft Prizm, HTML5, CSS3, Microsoft SQL Server, Javascript, RESTFul Web Services
Project Duration 1 year
Developer Michael Mahony